Introducing: SteemPH | Steemit Philippines: Building Communities, Enriching Lives.


We are proud to introduce Steemit Philippines.


Steemph is a non-profit, non-stock autonomous organization with FOUR primary goals:

1 // Promote the STEEMIT blogging platform through CHARITY work.

We aim to build a stronger STEEMIT community by helping enhance communities outside of STEEMIT. Book-drive, school improvement, extending help to Indigenous communities, homes for abandoned children and elderly are some of the projects in the pipeline.

These projects will bear the STEEMIT and STEEMPH flagship.


2 // Create a positive image of the STEEMIT blogging community by reaching out to local media outlets- print, web, radio and television.

The goal is to grow the STEEMPH audience in various social media platforms-Facebook, wordpress, tumblr, twitter, instagram and many more, to educate a wide population of internet users about the STEEMIT platform.

Media coverage on projects and meetups will be targeted.


3 // Guide and support new STEEMIT users.

We expect that the above activities will attract new users to board the platform. STEEMPH will be ready to assist new users with any inquiry and help needed, aiming for a collective growth within the community.


4 // Inspire quality content-creation through #artguildph features, curation projects and contests.

Steemph will host an art-guild that aims to encourage and support artists in STEEMIT.

Writing and photo contests among others will be run as well, themes will include topics on charity project for that period, as well as other fun and engaging activities.

There’s also a curation project in the works, which will be announced as soon as we have ironed out all the details about it.




To grow the Filipino Steemit Blogging Community through positivity and empowerment.Donations in the form of Steem Dollars may be distributed on the Steemit platform to members of SteemPH as an incentive for volunteer work while promoting a positive image of Steemit. This will help control membership to legitimate bloggers that have integrity and will not abuse the platform.

Long term vision is to be the framework on community-building through Charity work locally and worldwide.




Watch this space for updates and more information on @steemph



- Your SteemPH Family